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Avast Pro Antivirus has received strong scores from independent labs and contains a variety of useful bonus features that can help provide additional security for your device. However, the paid-only bonus features available for Avast Pro Antivirus may not justify the expense when compared to other options.

✓ Minimal computer impact
✓ Fairly fast antivirus scans
✓ Solid scores from independent testers


Avast Pro Antivirus has the same strong antivirus protection that Avast Free Antivirus offers, with a few additional bells and whistles that provide strong additional protection, like the Real Site component. Real Site makes sure that your system is connecting to a reliable DNS (Domain Name System) server; this helps prevent hackers from redirecting your browser to a fake website that’s showing the domain you’re expecting. For example, Real Site can defend against someone redirecting you to a fake bank site and stealing your information.

Avast Pro Antivirus also adds a Sandbox feature to their lineup, allowing you to run programs you want to use but aren’t sure are safe.


Many of the features available for Avast Pro Antivirus can also be found with the Avast Free Antivirus option, and Avast Pro Antivirus teases you with links to even more advanced options that you can only unlock through further upgrades. While the Real Site protection and Sandbox are useful, they may not justify the cost over the free version that’s available.

# “Avast is easy to use, has a variety of useful - and occasionally uncommon - protections.”

Avast Pro Antivirus receives solid scores from independent testing labs, with very strong antiphishing protection and the same suite of additional security features that Avast Free Antivirus provides. It’s easy to use, has a variety of useful - and occasionally uncommon - protections (like the WiFi Inspector, which can check your network for security issues and help you resolve them), and doesn’t take up a ton of system memory to use.

If you’re someone who may work with potentially dangerous programs or you want the extra defense against DNS attacks, Avast Pro Antivirus is a decent investment. However, Avast Free Antivirus offers many of the same benefits at no cost to you.

Test Results

Avast Pro Antivirus is tested by a variety of independent labs; we primarily reference AV-Test in our reviews. While Avast Pro Antivirus’ score for Performance is a little low, at 87%, it received perfect 100% scores in Protection and Ease of Use. Avast Pro Antivirus also received a 100% score for the available features, and has a strong value for the overall cost.

  • Protection & Performance
  • Software Features
  • Ease of Use

Cost of Owning

Avast Pro Antivirus has a fairly comparable cost to other antivirus suites with the same sets of features, and offers options for 1 year and a discounted 3 year subscription. Avast does also offer mobile protection through a downloadable app, and Avast Pro Antivirus has an available 30-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee available.

Software Features

Avast Pro Antivirus comes with the same strong antivirus and antimalware protection as Avast Free, as well as providing real-time analysis of unknown files to defend you from unregistered viruses. It also has a simple password protection feature that allows you to create a master password to use across the web, remembering your other passwords for you.

Avast Antivirus - Features Checklist
Firewall Protection
Scheduled Scan
Gamer Mode
System Booster
Mobile Protection
Auto Scanning
Parental Controls
Virus Scanner
Autoscans USB
Password Manager
VPN / Safe Browsing
Bootable Rescue CD
Webcam Protection
Email Protection
File Shredder
Email Scanner

You’ll also get the Real Site protection against DNS redirecting and the Sandbox feature that allows you to test potentially dangerous programs to make sure they’re not going to cause you any problems, and a WiFi Inspector (which can also test cabled connections) to make sure that your overall internet connection is secure.

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User Experience

Avast Pro Antivirus upgraded their user interface to be clean and easy to understand. When you first launch the program, you’ll be taken to the status screen, which lets you run a “smart” scan (a shortened version of an antivirus scan) to make sure your essential files and programs are protected. Avast Pro Antivirus has 4 buttons along the left side - Status, Protection, Privacy, and Performance. Clicking on any of these opens up a new tab which shows you the options available to you.

The only place this can be confusing is the Performance tab, which allows you to click on “Cleanup” to scan your computer. However, once the scan is done, if you want to take action, you need to pay for their Cleanup feature. Overall, Avast Pro Antivirus’ user interface is simple to understand and can be used by anyone with any level of computer experience.


Customer Support

One of the great features of Avast Pro Antivirus is the ability to send a support message from directly within the user interface. Clicking on the “?” in the upper right brings up the help menu, with answers to general questions; if you cannot find what you’re looking for, clicking “send a support request” at the bottom of the help screen gives you a direct message to technical support.

For premium users, there is also a direct phone line and 24/7 support for any potential antivirus issues you run into. You simply have to log into your account on the Avast website. There’s also a support forum and an intuitively organized support center, if you want to search for your answer on your own.

Phone Support:
(844) 880-9791
Phone Support Hours:
24×7 for Premium Support
Support Email:

Technical Requirements

Software Version:
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 10. 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Minimum RAM Required:
256 MB RAM or more
Minimum Space Required
1.5 GB free space on the hard disk
Required Processor Speed:
1 GHz
Software Manufacturer:
Avast Software

Company History


Avast is one of the largest security companies in the world, with an immense cloud-based machine learning engine that receives data from their 400 million users worldwide. Established in 1988, Avast continues to build their team of talented, experienced security engineers, pulling in people from highly respected institutions like NASA, MIT, and Oxford. Their mission is to make the internet safe and accessible for everyone, all the time, by saving the world from cyber attacks.

With the acquisition of AVG Technologies in 2016, Avast now has the industry’s largest user base across platforms, and currently prevents 1 billion cyber attacks every month.

Our Verdict

Avast Pro Antivirus is a solid, affordable option that offers protection on par with several more expensive antivirus suites. It has received high scores from independent testing labs and plethora of awards from leaders in the security software industry, and has a variety of bonus features outside of the standard malware defense that provide a strong defense against attacks on a variety of levels.

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*Antivirus.Best is not affiliated with any other third party testing company(ies) and can not be held responsible for their testing practices and software scores.


“Never had a problem”

by Sophia on 06/08/2017

"I am a big fan of Avast Pro Antivirus simply because it is very user-friendly and very easy to install. There is step by step guides and once you install it, Avast runs quietly in the background. You get a Wi-Fi scanner that scans your connection for security problems and you also get an awesome software update tool that looks for things like security patches and alerts you when they're found. All you have to do is click 'update' and Avast goes to work. Avast will scan links while you're browsing the internet to determine if they're safe or not to click on. I trust this product and run it on my own computers and have never had a problem nor have I ever had any computer issues while running this software. I recommend this product to family and friends and will definitely purchase it again."


“A user friendly product!!”

by Greg M. on April 2015

"While most antivirus software packages tend to be either overly aggressive or have more holes than swiss cheese, Avast has struck the sweet spot: a very high detection rate but with very few false positives. Avast has developed a number of "shields" to add additional protection on top of the usual file system shield, such as network, browser, P2P, email, script, etc. It also has some great features like sandboxing (if it detects an app that it thinks might be suspicious, it sandboxes the app when running it), a silent/gaming mode, and easy access to controls that disable the shields for a set period of time (allowing you to quickly get Avast out of the way if it's being overly intrusive without permanently disabling it). You can't beat the price - free - for personal use; central management console with remote deployment capabilities available for businesses, but a cost similar to the industry behemoths."


90 score

  • Overall Score
  • Performance
  • Features
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Trust
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