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When you think antivirus, we’re sure McAfee is a name you’ve heard before. McAfee AntiVirus blurs the lines between a security suite and a standard antivirus program by including firewall protection and additional security features, as well as unlimited installations on all devices. While it may not be the highest-scoring antivirus program we review, McAfee AntiVirus protects every device you own for a price that’s far more affordable than other security suites we cover.

✓ Affordable price
✓ Numerous bonus features
✓ Unlimited, multi-platform protection


One of the biggest pluses of McAfee AntiVirus is the affordable ability to install it on every device you own - including Macs and iOS devices. Compared to other security suites offering “unlimited” installation, McAfee AntiVirus’s price is practically a steal. McAfee AntiVirus also includes a host of additional features that aren’t usually found outside of larger security suites, like a strong firewall, their WebAdvisor component (which identifies malicious or fraudulent websites and heads off dangerous downloads), a QuickClean component that scans your system for junk files, and a Vulnerability scan that finds missing security updates.


McAfee AntiVirus only scores okay with our independent testing labs, providing decent but not great protection against malware and phishing. McAfee AntiVirus also provides fewer protection features and options for macOS and iOS devices compared to Windows and Android devices.

# “McAfee AntiVirus provides decent protection for all of your devices at a great price!”

McAfee AntiVirus provides decent protection for all of your devices at a great price, and has some solid bonus features that add a lot of value to the overall antivirus program. If you’re looking for an affordable way to protect your entire household from common attacks, McAfee AntiVirus is a great choice. If, however, you’re looking for truly stellar malware and anti-phishing protection, we’d recommend checking out some of our other security suites.

Test Results

McAfee AntiVirus doesn’t get great scores from independent lab tests, but it doesn’t get terrible ones either. For Protection, McAfee AntiVirus gets a 80%, but Software Features and Ease of Use are 96% and 84%, respectively. Where McAfee AntiVirus really shines is in the value for money; it scores a 9/10 there, due to its affordable price and comprehensive coverage.

  • Protection & Performance
  • Software Features
  • Ease of Use

Cost of Owning

McAfee AntiVirus is one of the most affordable unlimited antivirus suites we’ve reviewed on our site, costing only $59.99 for a year of protection for all devices. Other comparable antivirus suites can cost $100 or more for the ability to install their antivirus suite across all your devices. Free trials are available for some of McAfee’s products, and all products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied.

1 Year Subscription
Unlimited Devices

Software Features

We went over some of McAfee AntiVirus Plus’s software features when discussing the good about the program, but it really does have a huge selection of bonus security features. In addition to McAfee AntiVirus Plus’s antivirus protection, you’ll also get the WebAdvisor, which protects you against malicious websites and makes sure your firewall and antivirus are working properly. McAfee AntiVirus Plus’s Security Management Console lets you control protection for all of your devices from an easy-to-use webpage, so that you can make sure all your devices are securely protected.

McAfee Antivirus - Features Checklist
Firewall Protection
Scheduled Scan
Gamer Mode
System Booster
Mobile Protection
Auto Scanning
Parental Controls
Virus Scanner
Autoscans USB
Password Manager
VPN / Safe Browsing
Bootable Rescue CD
Webcam Protection
Email Protection
File Shredder
Email Scanner

You’ll also get an effective firewall with McAfee AntiVirus Plus, as well as the My Home Network feature, which allows you to monitor the protection of all devices on your home network by connecting additional devices. McAfee AntiVirus also offers a file shredder to protect sensitive information from potential security risks, a Vulnerability Scan to find missing security updates for Windows and other popular programs, and a QuickClean component that removes junk files like broken shortcuts and temporary files from your computer to improve runtime.


Because McAfee AntiVirus works on all devices, you’ll also get macOS and iOS protection, though it’s a bit more limited than what you’ll receive on Windows and Android devices. McAfee AntiVirus also scans your network and lets you know any devices that could have McAfee installed but don’t yet, because it wants to make sure you’re fully protected.

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User Experience

McAfee AntiVirus comes with a recently updated user interface that’s much more user-friendly than previous iterations of the program. The main screen lets you know if the device you’re on is secure or not, gives you the ability to protect more devices, lets you run a scan, and more. The mobile interface for both Android and iOS devices is similarly streamlined, making it easy to understand and make use of the plethora of bonus features available with McAfee AntiVirus Plus’s package.


Because McAfee AntiVirus lets you install unlimited copies on any device, the installation process is a bit different; you’ll redeem your 25-digit product key online and either create a new McAfee account or add it to your existing account. Once you’ve logged into your account, you can choose to either download McAfee AntiVirus directly to your device or send an email with a download link to another device.

The ease of installation across multiple devices and clean user interface make McAfee AntiVirus a good program for beginning users, even if they won’t be able to take full advantage of some of the more advanced features (like the extended firewall customization options).

Customer Support

McAfee provides free customer support for the life of your McAfee AntiVirus subscription. In addition to a virtual assistant that helps customers with standard issues, McAfee also provides phone, chat, and email support, and has a robust community support forum as well. McAfee also has a “Troubleshoot and Repair” option that checks for and repairs common product issues.

McAfee is dedicated to their customer’s support experience; if for any reason you’re unhappy with the support you’ve received, you can submit a case to their Total Satisfaction Team and they’ll do their best to make things right with you. In short, McAfee does their best to go above and beyond to provide skilled, accessible support to all their customers.

Phone Support:
(888) 847-8766
Support Email:
No email support
Support Page:

Technical Requirements
Internet connection required – for product activation & updates and for access to some features

Software Version:
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 10. 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, Home Server
Minimum RAM Required:
512 MB
Required Processor Speed:
1 GHz
Software Manufacturer:
Intel Company

Company History


McAfee was founded in 1987 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation. It’s the world’s largest dedicated security company, with a single mission: to help its customers stay safe. With proactive security solutions like their Global Threat Intelligence initiative, McAfee tracks emerging threats in order to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

McAfee is relentlessly focused on finding new ways to keep both in-home consumers and small businesses safe, offering protection for all types of devices so that their customers can work, play, and shop online more securely.

Our Verdict

While McAfee AntiVirus isn’t the strongest in terms of virus protection and only gets okay scores from independent testing labs, we still think it’s a solid choice for an antivirus suite - especially if you have a lot of devices to protect. The wide variety of bonus features and ability to install McAfee AntiVirus on unlimited devices across all operating platforms for just $59.99, combined with the easy-to-follow installation instructions and user-friendly interface, make McAfee AntiVirus a program we highly recommend.

Download a Free Trial Today and see if you like it!

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*Antivirus.Best is not affiliated with any other third party testing company(ies) and can not be held responsible for their testing practices and software scores.


“My computer went into a blue screen”

by Emma on 06/08/2017

"AVG wAfter countless searching for the perfect antivirus software, I still have not found the one. I have read countless reviews on how this antivirus software works and how others can lead to viruses on your computer. Still, I am left empty handed. The worst for me is McAfee. I thought McAfee would be good because when I have purchased computers, McAfee would be there on the computer. McAfee was an easy to use products, but still there were some difficulties. The features of this software were virus and spyware, the web and email protection, updates, and protection. Every once in a while, it will scan and tell if you had any viruses. Recently I had purchased McAfee for 17.99 from a popular website. The reviews were not so great, but I still wanted to give it a try. I followed the instructions and downloaded the program. The first couple of weeks there was no problem, then suddenly, my computer went into a blue screen. It was the first time that ever happened. I rebooted my computer and the blue screen came up again. I did it a third time and I thought nothing of it, but the next couple of days it continued to do the same thing. I knew I had a problem. The sad part about this situation is that my relatives who had downloaded this version of McAfee were experiencing the same thing. I found out it was my McAfee and deleted it from my computer. I lost trust in this product. Instead of securing my computer they ended up shutting it not my first choice for an anti-virus software, however I have found it to be the best I have used. The interface is excellent and very accessible. It is easy to navigate between the different services provided (i.e. internet security, firewall, etc.) and the settings are straightforward. I purchased AVG for a year and have since downgraded to the free version, and one of the biggest selling points for AVG in my opinion is what you get for free. I feel that my computer is safe and secure with the free version of AVG. Most of the packages offered with the paid version are more for convenience than anything else. That is something I have struggled to find in other anti-virus software providers. I have no plans of changing my anti-virus software in the near future. In my experience, AVG is the most user-friendly and secure option out there."


“Browsing in peace”

by Alicia on August 2015

"The email reminder can be a pain, but I found that mcafee is more than antivirus, it also protects my password and personal information I place in shopping sites. This is wonderful considering I do most online shopping on my phone. I never thought I would need it on my phone or tablet but they are just as prone to virus as my laptop."


80 score

  • Overall Score
  • Performance
  • Features
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Trust
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