If you’re looking for affordable protection for all your devices at home, you can’t go wrong with McAfee. On top of their solid antivirus software, McAfee provides bonus features, which include a file shredder, a Vulnerability Scan, and a QuickClean, that add to the overall value of the software. Get a great deal while protecting your devices and information with one of our coupon codes.

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Save 50% on McAfee Antivirus

Details:  Save 50% on McAfee Antivirus Software

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Shopping Tips for McAFEE Antivirus

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Offers and Deals For You

Free Tools
With the tools available on their website, McAfee offers to give you a taste of their software for free. The independent tools offered in the McAfee website have a free download option along with an option to buy the premium version. While the free version of the tools may not have all the features available in the premium version, they are still worth the download. There are a variety of tools you can download on your PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Free Trials
McAfee is a very affordable option for those who are looking for basic protection. However, we still recommend downloading a trial of their software. Their 30-day free trial gives you an opportunity to test out the software and find out if McAfee has what you’re looking for.

Extra Money Saving Tips

Protect Multiple Devices
McAfee knows that most users have more than one devices that contains important information. With most antivirus softwares, it may cost significantly more to purchase protection for all your devices. McAfee, however, makes it much more affordable to protect all of your devices and ensure that your information will not be in danger.

Take Advantage of Additional Features
While McAfee’s antivirus offers basic, but strong protection, their bonus features may take care of problems that you didn’t even know you had. You can take advantage of the file shredder to protect sensitive information, remove junk files like broken shortcuts and temporary files, and even find missing security updates for Windows and other popular programs. Their list of bonus features will make you glad you chose McAfee.

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Recent McAfee Antivirus Review

"McAfee was not my first choice for an anti-virus software, however I have found it to be the best I have used. The interface is excellent and very accessible. It is easy to navigate between the different services provided (i.e. internet security, firewall, etc.) and the settings are straightforward. I purchased McAfee for a year and have since downgraded to the free version, and one of the biggest selling points for McAfee in my opinion is what you get for free. I feel that my computer is safe and secure with the free version of McAfee. Most of the packages offered with the paid version are more for convenience than anything else. That is something I have struggled to find in other anti-virus software providers. I have no plans of changing my anti-virus software in the near future. In my experience, McAfee is the most user-friendly and secure option out there.

By Olivia

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