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How to Keep Your Passwords and Log-ins Safe

Strong and secure passwords are crucial for staying safe in an ever-advancing technological world. But it is even more important to keep those passwords and long-ins safe so that nobody else knows them except from you. This article can help you find ways to keep your passwords and login-ins safe from intruders but accessible so that you can always find them.

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How to Avoid these 5 Common Senior Scams

Seniors are the societal group that are most at risk from falling for tricks and scams online. With just one click of a button, hackers can steal personal information and even your hard-earned cash. Of course, this is the last thing that anybody wants to happen. This article will tell you about the five most common scams aimed at seniors and how you can prevent them from becoming a problem in the future.

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What is 2-step verification and how it works

There are more dangers lurking on the internet now than ever before. Scammers try to access your personal information and account from anywhere in the world. But the good news is that software providers are coming up with new ways to secure your account and protect you from these dangers. In particular two-factor or two-step verification is a new and innovative way to combat unauthorized access to your account. This article will explain exactly how this new invention works and how you can use it today.

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How to Avoid Phishing Email Scams

Thousands and thousands of phishing emails are sent every day. Unfortunately, a lot of these scams deceive people every day too, which means that sensitive information is being stolen and credit cards and bank accounts are being used by fraudsters. Of course, the problem is that phishing emails are set up to look genuine and it can be hard to know when it is a scam targeting our personal information. But, this article will explain how you can avoid falling for those phishing email scams once and for all.

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How To Create A Secure Password

A lot of people keep the same password for every account that they have or have a password that is easy to guess. For example, we often choose our birthday, child’s name or even 1234. But this is how hackers can gain unauthorized access to your account and steal your personal information, which is the last thing that anyone wants. This article will explain the six best ways that you can secure your account and make sure that you can keep your account safe from hackers on the internet.

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