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When you purchase a new computer for any purpose - be it gaming, school, business, or personal use - your files are immediately vulnerable without antivirus protection. But how do you know which one to choose? For example, how do you know that Kaspersky Antivirus works? Can you rely on Kaspersky’s customer reviews, or do you need to see a side-by-side comparison with other antivirus programs before you make your choice? Don’t let a virus destroy your new technology - let us give you the rundown on major antivirus software. We’ll talk about the pros, cons, and costs of different available antivirus programs, so that you can decide which one is best for you.

Kaspersky Review Highlights

Kaspersky Antivirus is consistently rated as one of the most protective brands of antivirus software on the market, offering a full range of defensive options and consistently scoring high with independent testing labs. It supports everything - even mobile devices. Plus, it’s fast, with hardly any computer slowdown while running.

  • Numerous bonus tools
  • High scores
  • Fast system scans


When tested by independent virus labs, Kaspersky gets amazing scores across the board. Ranking high in virus detection, malware and spyware detection, and anti-phishing protection, it offers sweeping defense against malicious programs of all sorts. And while our hands-on testing found it to be a little less than perfect, we bow to the superior testing labs and the technology they can bring to bear.


In our in-house tests, Kaspersky didn’t fare as well as other programs when it came to blocking URLs hosting malware, only blocking about 65% of the sites. The program is also on the pricier side, costing $59.99 to protect 3 devices.


“While Kaspersky gets lower scores in our own tests, independent labs consistently rate it as one of the strongest, most effective antivirus programs out there.”

Plus, the extra features and fast run speed make this program a top performer in our books, offering consistent protection that doesn’t slow your computer to a crawl. Our final word? We highly recommend Kaspersky for both personal and business users, with the pros far outweighing the cons.

Test Results

Because different antivirus software packages offer different features, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which is best for you. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date test results for the features Kaspersky has to offer, so that you know exactly what’s available and how Kaspersky’s suite of features stacks up against similar programs.

In our tests, Kaspersky Antivirus scored 100% in Protection, Performance, and Ease of Use, received a 92% for feature variety and availability, and got a 9/10 for value for cost for a single PC. These solid scores reinforced our belief that Kaspersky Antivirus was worth the price.

100% Protection & Performance Score
92% Software Features Score
100% Ease of Use Score
Protection & Performance
Software Features
Ease of Use

Cost of Owning

In comparison to other antivirus programs, Kaspersky Antivirus can be a little on the pricy side. Depending on the license you get, Kaspersky’s price can range from $59.99 for a 1-year license for 3 computers to $239.97 for a 3-year license for 5 computers. You can upgrade to their total protection for slightly more, and gain the ability to protect PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

Kaspersky also has a 30-day free trial available so you can see if their software fits your needs, and provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% happy with your purchase.

Kaspersky Antivirus
Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Kaspersky Antivirus Internet Security
Kaspersky Internet Security
Kaspesky Antivirus Total Security
Kaspersky Total Security
1 Year Subscription
3 Devices
5 Devices
10 Devices
2 Year Subscription
3 Devices
5 Devices
10 Devices
3 Year Subscription
3 Devices
5 Devices
10 Devices

Software Features

The base level of Kaspersky’s antivirus provides you with simple, easy-to-use protection; the interface is bold and easy to understand, with large icons for antivirus scans, reports, updates, and an on-screen keyboard. The top banner of the window displays your computer’s security status, and lights up bright red if anything is amiss.

Kaspersky Antivirus - Features Checklist
Firewall Protection
Scheduled Scan
Gamer Mode
System Booster
Mobile Protection
Auto Scanning
Parental Controls
Virus Scanner
Autoscans USB
Password Manager
VPN / Safe Browsing
Bootable Rescue CD
Webcam Protection
Email Protection
File Shredder
Email Scanner

If you’re looking to protect multiple types of devices (like your computer, tablet, and cell phone), we’d recommend choosing Kaspersky Internet Security. It protects several devices and also comes with features like parental controls and extra security for online shopping.

If you’re dealing with a lot of devices - like for your entire family - and also want to keep your files and passwords safe, Kaspersky Total Security is going to be the best option for you. While this is their most expensive option, it also offers the most additional features, and with the consistently superior protection you receive from this program, it’s worth the extra cost.

User Experience

Kaspersky is fairly simple to purchase and install; you visit their site to buy the license you want, and will then be directed to log into the My Kaspersky portal to install your antivirus program. Make sure that you also download all the latest virus signatures - that’s a crucial part of having effective, up-to-date antivirus software!

Their clean, easy-to-read user interface makes it easy to understand your security status and access your most important features, with other bonus protection easy to locate and use as well. If you’re not very tech-savvy, Kaspersky is a great program as it provides step-by-step installation instructions and a simple user display.

Customer Support

Kaspersky Antivirus makes it easy to get help, from the clearly-visible support icon in the lower left of the user display to the huge variety of ways to get in touch. Kaspersky has available weekend support services, an easy-to-use online support portal, and email support if that’s what you prefer, as well as a call line and a chat option. Overall, customers rank Kaspersky’s antivirus support highly and have positive experiences with customer support staff.

Phone Support:
(888) 333-2032
Phone Support Hours:
8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday
Support Email:
Support Page:

Technical Requirements

  • Internet connection required – for product activation & updates and for access to some features
  • Webcam Protection technology only runs on PCs & Mac computers. The feature is available for a range of compatible web-cameras. For the full list of compatible devices, please visit: support.kaspersky.com/12732 (for PCs) support.kaspersky.com/12476 (for Mac computers)
Software Version:
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 10. 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Minimum RAM Required:
1 GB
Minimum Space Required:
1 GB
Required Processor Speed:
1 GHz
Software Manufacturer:
Kaspersky Lab

Company History

Kaspersky Antivirus Logo Large

Kaspersky Labs North America, a Massachusetts company, was founded in 2004 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kaspersky Labs Limited, located in the UK. As a global, privately owned cybersecurity company, Kaspersky operates in 200 companies and employs nearly 3,600 highly-qualified specialists. They are wholly committed to their clients and to providing advanced endpoint security and delivering protection that’s usable, accessible, and effective.

With nearly 400 million users and consistent recognition - it was named a Leader in endpoint protection by Gartner and Forrester analyst firms - Kaspersky is poised to continue improving their marketing position and developing new, innovative protection software.

Our Verdict

Although Kaspersky Antivirus is more expensive than some of the other programs on our site, its overall performance and high scores from independent labs make it a strong contender for best available home antivirus. Even the most basic license provides solid protection and a simple user interface that’s accessible to a wide variety of computer users, from beginners to professionals. Plus, the bonus features help Kaspersky separate itself from the pack by providing a huge suite of additional defense, like anti-phishing and anti-malware and an on-screen keyboard to provide additional security when entering passwords or other personal information. We think that Kaspersky is a solid antivirus program for any home user - and could even be extended to a small business with its Total Protection package.

*Antivirus.Best is not affiliated with any other third party testing company(ies) and can not be held responsible for their testing practices and software scores.

Verified Kaspersky Antivirus User Reviews

“Windows Defender causes a conflict that can damage systems”
by Luke on 06/08/2017

"I assisted a non-profit with installing Kaspersky Total Security on several public computers last year. They received an incredibly low-cost bundle deal based on the number of machines and their non-profit status. The software activation was a snap and the user interface offered clear labels, buttons, sliders and drop-downs that made it easy to customize settings. The top of the interface provided a banner that changed colors to warn users of different notifications. I only dislike three things about this software: AO Kaspersky Lab does not warn users that Windows Defender causes a conflict that can damage systems if it remains on while Kaspersky runs updates or scans. And, the company has not yet provided a patch to block Windows 10 from automatically turning Defender back on. Lastly, the software has difficulty catching trojans. Bit Defender caught trojans that Kaspersky missed that should have been part of its standard updates."

“all in one solution right out of the box”
by Muhammad on 06/08/2017

"This may very well be the best antivirus suite I've ever used. I have been using several iterations of the program since it was just the core antivirus many years ago. Like all internet security suites, Kaspersky protects against viruses, Trojans, malware, internet attacks and more. It is an all in one solution right out of the box that can be digitally downloaded or purchased in the store. That latter part is important for a lot of people, since not everyone has access to the internet. Kaspersky is also one of the few companies that keeps its price low while providing a steady stream of updates. For beginners, you can leave it at the default options and walk away. For more advanced users, this is where the deep customization options really do their job. The company has been out long enough to where I trust them to provide steady updates, so the 2017 edition is another winner for me"

“The best value by far.”
by Wyatt on 06/08/2017

"I recently bought a new computer after my old one started to crash. Being on a tight budget, I shopped around for the best deal for an anti-virus. The best price quote that I found was from Kaspersky. I signed up for the Internet Security package for a multiple year option. This would keep covered for about two years and let me cover two other people in my household. I was a bit skeptical of Kaspersky at first. I had previously used McAfee Internet Security and Norton Antivirus. My skepticism and thoughts that this would be inferior quickly changed. Kaspersky seems to work much more smoothly than both Norton and McAfee. The other anti-viruses would always alert me and bother me. Kaspersky seems to work very quietly and offers a greater level of protection. It is also the best value by far. I highly recommend Kaspersky to anybody looking for quality protection of their computer within a reasonable price."

“gives me peace of mind”
by Zahar on 06/08/2017

"I have been using Kaspersky Internet Security for roughly five years now, and I've been exceedingly happy with it. There are times I have felt that it has been a tad over-protective, but it has always been an excellent tool to have. Their Android app, which was also covered in my subscription, gives me peace of mind when it comes to my phone as well. Kaspersky can sometimes interfere with programs that are normal, though acting suspiciously, though fixing an error is normally a very easy remedy. Originally, before going to Kaspersky, I was using Webroot, which I will never be returning to. I purchased my Kaspersky subscription from Best Buy, I have been receiving any and all updates, as well as upgrades to the newest version whenever it comes out. This is something I have found from no other Antivirus I have tried, from Norton, McAfee, or Avast."

“Complete security for all endpoints”
by Mist on June 2015

"Protects systems and file servers across various Operating System platforms. One central console to manage all endpoints including mobile devices."

“Kaspersky Endpoint Security Protection”
by Ric on April 2015

"The admin software is great tool. It found viruses that I had not found in prior scans with my old software. I was able to confirm that there were no false positives as well. It worked well and the console gave me everything I needed in one place."

“Powerful and usable antivirus”
by Raul on May 2017

"I like the fact I can integrate differents security components in the same software or application. Anti-spam, Anti-hacker, email antivirus, file antivirus etc."

“Perfect protection for small business computer networks”
by Jeremy on April 2017

"Since implementing this software we have not had any malware or virus issues with our computers on our small business network. Easy installation, auto-updates, and easy renewal."

“Security Matters”
by Pat on February 2017

"Kaspersky has proven to be the most effective security software that I have ever used. I never have had to worry about viruses, malware, phishing or any other malicious attempts to compromise the security of my network or computers."

“Keeping My Data Safe”
by Ashley on December 2016

"I have been using the security software for quite some time and am pleased to say I have had zero breaches. It is easy to install the program that leaves a peace of mind during my work day."

“Great antivirus”
by Sam on October 2016

"Found this product very easy to use and lived up to its expectations. Great value for money too. It protects my computer from unwanted malware"

“Review of Kaspersky”
by Jesse on January 2015

"Best Antivirus product I have used. Runs smoothly in the background without slowing my computer down. Exactly what you want from an Anti Virus product!"

“Excellent virus protection”
by Nemanja J. on April 2016

"Kaspersky is the best antivirus software to this day, always was, always will (i hope so). It offers a great protection against viruses and spywares. For the first run it is necessary to run a full scan, which is taking forever, to make the system protected. i am using it for more than 10 years and i have never had a problem with virus or spyware. Kaspersky is fast to neutralize any threat from a removable drive (flash or external hdd). Price seems a bit too much but it's very well worth it."

“A powerful, robust security system for business users”
by Bruce E. on March 2016

"Kaspersky Endpoint Security offers a powerful and robust system for securing systems in a business environment. Its scanning and detection engine handles most threats easily and is well developed to deal with new threats that continually come down the pipeline. The program is also easy to use as an end user. its encryption system does a very good job of securing sensitive files without a performance hit on most systems. Endpoint also has great administrative tools for setting up the program and for ongoing maintenance purposes. As an added plus, the program also works with other non-Windows systems which can be highly valuable in a mixed system OS environment."

“Kaspersky provides top-tier security”
by Samuel L. on January 2017

"After having used many other anti-virus software products, I find that Kaspersky is the most reliable and the most intuitive to use. It's perfect for both individual and business use, and can be navigated in a matter of seconds. You can perform full computer scans with it running in the background without even knowing a difference in the performance of the computer."

“Great product, reliable and fast”
by Sergei T. on April 2016

"Good experience, faster than some other antivirus software I tried. Can recommend"

“Nice piece of software”
by Mridu H. on December 2015

"No bugs, great everything. I had a great experience."

“Good program nice website”
by Gus R. on July 2014

"I recently installed Kaspersky internet security on my computer and it is a really great program, easy to use and found loads of infections on my pc."

“Premium Security Suite with Decent Features”
by Antik on April 2017

"I switched from a Bitdefender subscription to a Kaspersky subscription, and I can say that Kaspersky is definitely a premium security suite with many features,"

“My top choice of AV for Windows/Android!”
by Philip M. on January 2017

"In my experience, KIS AV is the best security program out there for consumers to use. It comes packed with a ton of great security features and what's cool, it's also on Android!"

“Excellent use”
by Jihad on April 2017

"Excellent to use and easy .I like this anti virus.I use it on my cell phone and desk top.It is very clear."

“Great product, reliable and fast”
by Sergey on April 2017

"Good experience, faster than some other antivirus software I tried. Can recommend."

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